Content Management Systems & E-commerce

Content Management Systems let a non-technical person update a website without messing up the layout and design.

One of the first questions we'll ask you during our free 20 minute consultation will be: Do you need to update the site yourself? The quick reaction is often "Yes, of course! " And of course we will be happy to install any of the many content management systems we know well. But this might not always be the correct answer for your situation.

You might not NEED content management…

Have you ever noticed generally well-designed websites with aspects that don't look quite right? Don't quite fit with the rest of the site? A developer can give her user the ability not just to update pages and create “Dear Diary” posts. You can also add images, change the fonts on your posts, even update your main image gallery if you like.


But you’re busy, and your expertise lies outside of web design. It takes practice to recognize which details make a website work. What looks great the day the developer handed it over may lose its "it factor" as the months go on if too much is left available.

Many libraries use Evanced and other calendar services. These typically offer upcoming events “widgets” that can easily be placed into a “static" websites. Twitter widgets and Google document snippets offer the same easy-to-implement “dynamic” functionality. Basically, we use the world's most secure data repositories to collect and store your information. Your website just displays it, saving time, money, and hassle.

If you plan to update the site around quarterly or less, the right answer might be: "I'm a great business person, but learning this computer stuff isn't a good use of my time. Can you handle everything?" In that case Web Developers Studio might suggest a "static" website with occasional updates handled by us. This way, you can stick with what you know best, and your website will always and forever be beautiful.

But content management may be PERFECT for you…

If you'll need to update your website frequently with announcements, promotions, gallery items, etc, then getting a content management system is a good idea. Maybe you are pretty darn technical. And even if not we can "hide" any parts you don't want to access which makes the CMS easier to navigate. You can always contact us with questions or concerns. In any case, we can accommodate your needs: WordPress, Business Catalyst, Squarespace, Omeka, Joomla… If you are partial to a solution we're not already familiar with, we can learn your favorite in a jiffy.

Especially if you want a STORE

Do you need a marketplace to sell your products or services? There are countless e-commerce platforms, from simple Buy Now buttons to Yahoo Merchant to Shopify to osCommerce and Magento and more. We’ll help you figure out which is appropriate for your business. Then we'll teach you to use it and help you maintain it as your business and sales grow.