What makes a good website?

At Web Developers Studio, we do all of the above and more. We’ll start with you at square one, help you pick out and purchase a domain, often at a discount, and stay with you throughout the creation, promotion, and care and keeping of your website.

Appropriate and Modern Design

Although some clients opt to have Web Developers Studio simply customize a pre-designed template, we’re always happiest to design something from scratch. While many designers limit the number of iterations they are willing to go through, Web Developers Studio never yet told a client “Sorry Pal, that’s it. Take it or leave it”. We just keep designing, designing, and designing until each client is delighted (so far).

Naturally, our clients with design backgrounds have wanted lots of input, and we’re happy to work elbow to elbow tweaking this and nudging that. But even clients who have no particular design experience gave lots of terrific direction. We also produce great results if you just leave us in our cave till we emerge with something. (Often the first design we submit is approved on the spot!)

Great Content

You are the repository of a tremendous amount of deep-knowledge about your business, organization, or practice. At Web Developers Studio, we factor in the time need to help you formulate that into the great “content” that will draw the search engines to your site. Then they draw the clients you need to attract. Low cost providers do not typically calculate that into their estimates, but the investment is almost always worth it.

Compelling Images

Custom photography is of course ideal. We recommend these vendors. Second best is shots you took yourself. We can often photoshop them to be more than you think. Finally, if we have nothing else to decorate our pages, we recommend stock photos in a pinch.